How much does support cost?

Free maintenance and support is offered for the first year. After the first year you only pay 15% of the contract purchase price. That includes maintenance, support, and access to upgrades. PatientPro, Inc. fees are reasonable and priced competitively when compared to the other comparable solutions.

I am a solo physician and I intend to use the system alone. Which license type should I buy?

Our licensing is per physician. Physician Assistants will not be charged. PatientMax™ PM EMR Edition features an unlimited number of users and installation on an unlimited number of computers.

How secure is my patient information?

All access to patients charts is controlled through user passwords.
Users must Log into PatientMax™ by entering an assigned Username and Password.
PatientMax™ is designed to prevent unauthorized users and hackers from gaining access to patient records.

Does PatientMax™ accommodate scanned photos, images, and documents?

YES. Images, labs, reports and documents of all types can be stored and integrated with your patient records. PatientMax™ allows your office to go entirely paperless, if you choose. Although going “paperless” requires a clear and disciplined approach.

Can claims be printed on HICFA 1500

YES. Claims can be filed electronically on HICFA 1500. Therefore making it easier for insurance companies to handle, reduce “lost in the mail:” errors, cheaper for a practice to issue and usually result in faster payments.

Does PatientMax™ include any CPT and ICD-9 codes?

YES, our system includes the most frequently used CPT and ICD-9 codes. In case a code is not present by default, you may add it easily to the system. You can also remove a code from the list. You will receive a yearly update of CPT and ICD-9 codes free of charge.

What happens to my paper Superbills?

PatientMax™ eliminates the need for paper superbills by offering E-Superbill. The data entry of those charges is no longer necessary since our software captures those charges for you. This module is a comprehensive billing system that is HIPPA compliant. It also effectively integrates all that the system needs for accurate coding, payment posting, batching, aging, tracking insurance claims, and generating electronic bills in seconds.

What operating system should the other computers have?

The clients can be any computer having an operating system that has Windows®2000 or higher version running.

Will PatientPro, Inc. assist with hardware purchasing and installation?

We will provide you with a detailed list of recommended hardware components and implementation recommendations. Our engineers will also consult with your technical staff to assist with the purchase of network cabling and computer hardware.
If you purchase your hardware through PatientPro, Inc., we handle the implementation with our house engineers. Our technical staff will install the network and hardware so that it can be adequately supported later on.

Will I be able to do my charting like I currently do?

YES. With PatientMax™ you will be able to chart and examine your patients exactly the way you want. The difference will be that while you are examining your patient you will be able to do the charting and documentation faster than your current method through the use of customized, practice-specific chart templates. Furthermore, once you do the examination and complete the superbill the charting process is complete. There is no need for costly transcription and other functions that take the time of your office staff. Billing, charting, Rx, and scheduling are all done at the point of care.

Can more than one user open a patient’s chart at the same time?

YES, allowing anyone in the practice to make data entries. This allows the patient workflow to expedite.

Why should I invest in Electronic Medical Record Software?

Electronic Medical Record systems have proved to aid in substantial reductions of cost, time, and effort for the medical community. They are a step towards quality healthcare with minimal scope of errors and seamless running of medical processes.

What does PMS and EMR stand for?

PMS means Practice Management System and EMR abbreviates Electronic Medical Record.

How much will I have to change the way my office operates to implement PatientMax™?

We feel your concern, changing operations is never easy on your staff. You do not want to overwhelm your office with learning a new system. The beauty of PatientMax™ of is that it is completely flexible, you can use it however you wish. PatientMax™ can be implemented right away or over time as a more long term approach to changing your operations. PatientPro, Inc. will design a plan along with client’s input to implement all modules. A time frame will be allocated to each module so that implementation can be performed based on client’s resources.

Will I have to pay for upgrades to PatientMax™ Software?

As a client of PatientMax™ your practice will obtain free access to upgrades every three months for 1 year. After the first year, you only pay 15% of the contract purchase price. That fee shall also include support and maintenance. As PatientMax™ advances with new features and functions, your practice will advance and keep running the way you like it.

Is PatientMax™ HIPAA Compliant?

YES. PatientMax™ Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record Software is designed and implemented to HIPAA standards. The requirements of licensing, and accreditation agencies and other federal mandates have been met and in most cases exceeded.

Who owns and accesses my data?

You own and have exclusive access to your data. Your data is securely maintained in your database.

Why is PatientMax™ the alternative to other EMRs, and does it contain all the features other EMRs offer?

In our analysis of other Practice Management and EMR systems, PatientMax™ is very competitive in its feature offerings compared to other systems. It has the features that you need and will use to make your practice more efficient. We believe that Electronic Medical Record technology can improve health care greatly and our price has been developed to allow every practice regardless of size and revenue to be able to implement this great and useful technology. PatientMax™ is simply the logical choice when it comes to cost, productivity, and efficiency.

Will I be able to write prescriptions?

YES. PatientMax™ PM EMR Edition features Prescription Writer. You can conveniently print or fax the prescriptions. It is also very easy to create a Refill.

Is it possible to add phone notes to the chart?

YES. And you can do this without opening the chart.

What operating system does PatientMax™ server run on?

The PatientMax™ server installs and runs on any version of Windows® 2003 and higher versions.

I have computers but no network. Is a network necessary to use PatientMax™?

Network comes into picture only if the system is to be accessed from more that one computer/terminal/workstation.

Can this software be customized?

YES, the software can be tailored to meet your individual needs. PatientMax™ can adapt to a wide array of fields and specialties. Our software is easily customizable for your practice.

Will it slow down my examination times?

NO. Doctors can input the required data far more quickly than handwriting and much more legibly. PatientMax™ is completely flexible and information can be input in many different ways: a keyboard, check boxes and dropdowns, or even use voice recognition software to allow you to dictate the information into PatientMax™.

Who is PatientMax™ Practice Management System and Electronic Medical Record Software designed for?

It is designed for solo-practitioners and small single or multi-specialty groups. PatientMax™ is for anyone who gathers patient data at the point-of-care and needs a really usable, comprehensive, and complete system to work with.

Will patient confidence change?

Patients knowing that their physician is using such technology will give them the confidence that they are getting the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities available. Use of PatientMax™ EMR Software will impress your patients, and they are sure to share that with their family and friends.

Does my practice need training?

Free training is offered during the implementation phase. Onsite staff training is provided every three months to keep you updated with the new features. PatientMax™ is very user-friendly and intuitive program. Comprehensive manual and tutorials are available through our online support to keep your learning curve at a minimum.

or contact us 800.319.9002

or contact us 800.319.9002