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PatientMax client-server is an on-site or local system. The close proximity and direct connection allows the data from the server to be transmitted to the client at a much faster rate. This faster access may be important to your practice workflow. PatientMax client-server allows data to be accessed remotely via the internet, similar to an ASP system. This increases your control over the data.


PatientMax client-server is able to store data in-house, requiring that a server, hardware, and software be purchased, installed, and maintained in your office. PatientMax client-server EMR system is installed on the computer systems located on your site. The biggest advantage is that the client will have much more control in terms of both the software as well as data.


Benefits of PatientMax client-server


  • Easy to customize your practice and workflow
  • Our client-server option is particularly suitable for regions with limited internet access
  • With our client-server you have complete control of your data, backups, and security
  • PatientMax client-server allows you to continue your operation such as document encounters even when the internet is down.
  • Your practice owns the software and the licenses
  • PatientPro will provide on-going service on a contract basis
  • PatientPro will provide hands on training to the staff and be available 24/7 to answer questions


To find out if PatientMax client-server is the right solution for your practice email us at or through our Social Media platforms for a quick assessment of your practice and location.

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or contact us 800.319.9002