PatientMax Cloud

Our superior cloud technology is open and agile allowing for interoperability across all platforms saving you space and memory with no server, hardware, or software installation. You can function anywhere in the world with no interruptions to your productivity. Our cloud system is HIPAA secured and you are connected 24/7.

PatientMax LIMS

PatientPro Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) is designed to manage the ordering of laboratory tests and the tracking of results. It improves your efficiencies by providing physicians lab information when required with simultaneous access from any computer.

PatientTrac (Vaccine Tracking System)

PatientTrac enables providers to place vaccine request and return requests online. Our system makes provision for providers to place, track and manage vaccine orders online with no hassle. PatientTrac is a sophisticated and an enhanced vaccine system designed for better vaccine management and improve vaccine ordering and delivering process.

PatientMax Scheduler

PatientMax Scheduler is designed to improve your scheduling efficiency and productivity. It allows for quick registration with patient check-in directly from calendar. It reports on the total number of Cancelled Appointments, Rescheduled Appointments, Completed Appointments, and No Shows. In PatientMax Scheduler, the front office will be able to create the provider’s schedules for multiple locations by assigning the available appointment types, work and break times.

In scheduler you can view report of set appointments that are outside of the provider’s schedule so that proper action is taken; such as contacting patient and rescheduling of appointment. Actions taken will be recorded in the patient’s record.

PatientMax EDU

PatientMax education is used by managed care plans, and will include both general preventive education or health promotion and disease or condition specific education.

Important elements of PatientMax education are skill building and responsibility: patients need to know when, how, and why they need to make a lifestyle change. Group effort is equally important: each member of the patient’s health care team needs to be involved.

The value of PatientMax education can be summarized as follows:

  • Improved understanding of medical condition, diagnosis, disease, or disability.
  • Improved understanding of methods and means to manage multiple aspects of medical condition.
  • Improved self-advocacy in deciding to act both independently from medical providers and in interdependence with them.
  • Increased Compliance – Effective communication and patient education increases patient motivation to comply.
  • Patient Outcomes – Patients more likely to respond well to their treatment plan – fewer complications.
  • Informed Consent – Patients feel you’ve provided the information they need.
  • Utilization – More effective use of medical services – fewer unnecessary phone calls and visits.
  • Satisfaction and referrals – Patients more likely to stay with your practice and refer other patients.
  • Risk Management – Lower risk of malpractice when patients have realistic expectations.
PatientMax Practice Management

PatientMax Practice Management displays effortless modifications to existing appointments – simple appointment addition for existing patients, add multiple appointments per time slot, if desired.

Designed to assist in the acquisition of accurate patient information and thorough follow-thru. It is an automatic time saver that relieves staff to provide more personal services in other patient care areas. No pop-ups, access to all features from one screen. Rapidly process registrations, Referrals and Authorizations on the same page. Increase your revenue, increase staff efficiency and enjoy a fixed cost of ownership with all the tools you need to simplify medical patient billing. This module integrates all the system needs for accurate coding, scrubbing reports, payment posting, batching, aging, tracking insurance claims, and generating electronic bills in seconds.

PatientMax Client Server

PatientMax client server is an on-site or local system. The close proximity and direct connection allows the data from the server to be transmitted to the client at a much faster rate. This faster access may be important to your practice workflow. PatientMax client server allows data to be accessed remotely via the internet, similar to an ASP system. This increases your control over the data.

PatientMax Hospital EHR

Patient Max Hospital EHR will improve the quality and the effectiveness of care, low cost hospital EMR due to superior cloud technology. The benefits of using Patient Max Hospital EHR will improve clinical patient safety and operational efficiency; improve the management of beds, discharge summaries, and follow-up care protocols.

PatientMax Patient Portal

PatientMax Patient Portal provides patients with timely electronic access to their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, and medication allergies). Patients can review their balance and schedule appointments through the patient portal. Patients can access their health information conveniently 24/7.


PatientMax RX

PatientMax Rx gives providers a fast and accurate way to write prescriptions. It eliminates drug misreading, create Rx with minimal keystrokes, refills can be quickly generated from previously prescribed medications, and it is automatically filed in Patient’s record. The provider will be able to review current and discontinued medications.

PatientMax Worker’s Compensation

Automatically completes mandated state work comp forms, such as Doctor’s First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness(5021), Primary Treating Physician’s Progress Report(PR2), and Primary Treating Physician’s Permanent and Stationary Report(PR4), to submit electronically with claims.

My Health Plus

My Health Plus Application is designed for mobile phones to be interactive. It is an application that will be under the sole control of the user. Once they login they can upload their medical records, lab reports, imaging studies, and update to their essential medical stats (BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Blood Pressure). The system can also plot graphs and trends for the essential medical stats and the user can access third party information to learn more about any one of the health stats. The app will also be able to track exercise routines, dietary programs, and monitor calories.

PatientMax Revenue Enhancement

Increase your revenue, increase staff efficiency and enjoy a fixed cost of ownership with all the tools you need to simplify medical patient billing.

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